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  • A guest post, product review, or affiliate marketing?
    • If it has to do with family, faith, food, or DIY, we would LOVE to take a look!
  • If you write encouragement or tip posts for parents, request to be added as a contributor on our Pinterest board by emailing GrowingSpangs@gmaildotcom!  It’s full of other niche bloggers and really great pins you probably haven’t seen yet!  The Parent Section Board
  • Do you have a recipe you’d like reviewed and publicized?  On Friday’s, I publish recipes I made my family in the preceding week, and if you could help me with the grocery bill, I would love to try it and share it!  I am looking for recipes an actual typical family would put in their rotation…think toddler / picky eater / simple / wholesome, something a typical mom or dad with a small to medium amount of culinary finesse could put on the table without loads of brain power.  Additionally, I also like to feature an ethnic recipe, something a typical parent might put on the table somewhere in the world other than America.  If you have something I should be trying out, let me know and I’d love to feature you!
  • We’re on Etsy!  Come on over and explore!

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