I received a delicious egg-free red velvet cupcake recipe in exchange for this post.  All words are my own.  Check out MsCupcakeasaurus here!

Originally, I was going to write about something completely different.

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It was going to be about how incredible my grandmother was – endured an abusive childhood, single-handedly raised five children, worked long hours in the paper mill and eventually became the first woman in the world to hold a managerial position in the paper industry. As my Gran, she didn’t have a filter, her large, black eyes could either twinkle or make you rethink your action in a blink. She battled and overcame seven different cancers, while the eighth finally took her in 2003, my sophomore year of high school. She overcame everything that came into her path, while lovingly teaching more than thirty grandchildren and several great-grands at the time. She could never sit down and take a break, and she walked miles every morning almost until hospice arrived.

Yes, I could write pages about how much of an incredible role model she was.

But then, this last weekend I visited the church I grew up in. I was asked to be on a panel about why young people are leaving the church in droves. I found myself looking into the sanctuary, to faces I hadn’t seen in twelve years…and I realized something that caught me off guard.

We were asked to open with a short back ground of what our adult lives had looked like since high school graduation. As I admitted how angry I was as a teenager, being the product of a very messy divorce and living without my dad, involuntarily being something of a loner, constantly fighting with my mother, and quickly becoming jaded of the small Christian circle I knew, I realized that there were faces looking at me – hanging on my every word of why young people are leaving – that regardless of my attitude then, constantly poured and invested into me. They didn’t see the fruits of their labor of love until twelve years later, but they did it anyway.

And I thought further. In every season of my life, there has been at least one woman who has come alongside, shared their experiences, and given advice – no matter how hard I bucked. I can never give back to them what they gave me, but they invested in me anyway, and got me through that season…often without me realizing their effort.

One of my most significant wonder women once told me that people are in our lives for either a reason, a season, or a lifetime, and to make the most of walking with them in the moment because we don’t know which they are there for.

I’m often told how uncanny my constant drive and dry humor is to my Gran’s.

Strength, class, honesty, and presence – that’s what I want my daughter to see, just as I did.

That’s what I want her to be.

We are a DC comic household, our action figure collection is pretty embarrassing thanks to my husband’s Peter Pan-like joy for toys. When I met Raquel of MsCupcakeasaurus, she asked what kind of a themed cupcake I’d like to try to make in honor of my daughter’s birthday at September’s start. We decided on Wonder Woman because we each had a pillar of strength in our families, my hope that my sweet babe would someday be a strong woman, and my family’s comical love of comics.  Diana, or Wonder Woman, is fearless, holds her own, searches for opportunity, and carries a lasso that makes enemies tell the truth when she encircles them with it.

It had never occurred to me to think of the group of pillars strategically placed around me, and that I place around her as she discovers the world today. Someday, when she’s an angry young adult (because that’s an obvious), my hope is likely similar to my own mother’s back then – that I always have someone to ask honestly, to embody courage, and to persevere.

It takes a community, ladies…and I think we don’t notice when someone is investing in us enough.

All this, found in a blue cupcake liner.

While you create Raquel’s recipe (honestly, some of the best cream cheese frosting I’ve ever had), think about who has influenced your life. Who has been there to guide, reason, or cheer you on in a season of life when you needed it? Are they close enough to bring them a cupcake? If not, we shared a few with a couple of neighbors. One lost her husband a few months ago, and she was feeling a bit lonely that afternoon…who can you be a present pillar for?  I would love to read your story in the comments!

Need creative, out of the box cupcake ideas or meal planning tips?  Check out Raquel’s delicious creativity here!

To Our Wonder Women: The Power of Finding Our True Tribe - If you light a lamp for someone it will also brighten your path - GrowingSpangs.com

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