*** Edited to add 2/24/17: FREE PRINTABLE checklist at the bottom!  I put mine under the sink, and check things off as I get to them – that way, it’s not so overwhelming! ***

Eye pencil sharpener

  • By constantly only sharpening and not washing, bacteria is building up in the old makeup-big time yuck!
    • Simply take wet cotton swab with warm water and scrub the blade and crevices.  I often add just a dab of soap as well, for the antibacterial and grease cutting abilities.  Rinse, and allow to dry before using again.

Makeup bag

  • While we’re at it with makeup, have you taken everything out of your makeup bag (or container) recently?  The same bacteria issue is here also, except this makeup is probably going on various parts of your face.  This is part of the reason zits exist, people!  Hair, old makeup bits, dust, gross.
    • Empty that bad boy out and wash it!  I have a makeup bag that I periodically dunk and scrub out with dish soap and water and allow to dry before loading it back up again.

Trash can area

  • Even if you use a bag, we miss the target when throwing that cotton ball full of whatever away.
    • Periodically take the empty trashcan, add some warm water and dish soap, scrub, and flip upside down to dry.  Don’t forget to clean the wall and floor area where it resides, also.

Shower curtains

  • There are not many things I loathe more than dealing with shower curtains.  However, we need to be taking them down every couple months or so and washing them.  If your plastic shower curtain has pink on it, that’s mold, folks.  You can also get the hazy water stains out too!
    • Other than the crappy task of taking them down and putting them up again, getting them clean is super easy!  Just put both the outside cloth and inside plastic curtains into the wash (if you only use a plastic, throw a couple of dirty towels in also).  Add a little detergent and about a half cup of baking soda, and turn it onto a normal cycle.  Add a half cup of vinegar to the first rinse, especially if yours has mold or mildew on it.  Take them out of the washer, and hang to dry!

Faucet aerators

  • If your faucet has an aerator on the end, chances are there is sand and other junk in it
    • Periodically unscrew it, disassemble the few pieces, rinse it out, and reassemble.  I do this probably once a year or so.  It also helps how the water flows.

Showerheads/spray heads

  • If your showerhead or sprayer is not working well, the holes are likely clogged with mineral deposits.
    • Slip a rubber band over the showerhead and loop around it a few times.  Fill a ziploc bag with about a cup of white vinegar, and feed the top of the bag through the rubber band, so the bag is held onto the showerhead.  Allow to sit for an hour, take off the bag, turn on the shower to rinse.  If there are still plugged holes, usually you can simply use a toothpick to dislodge debris from the hole.

Bathroom exhaust fan

  • Over time, the exhaust fan builds up with dust…wet dust, at that.  The exhaust vent and motor housing should be cleaned about once a year to ensure top performance.
    • Make sure the fan is off and remove the fan housing in the ceiling.  Depending on your model, you would end up unscrewing or pulling the housing down an inch or two and squeezing wire clips to dislodge it from the ceiling.  Vacuum both sides of the vent with the dust brush attachment.  Similarly, use the dust brush attachment to vacuum the motor housing in the ceiling, and use the crevice tool for the hard to reach places.  Reinstall your fan ceiling vent and you’re done!

Loofahs & sponges

  • If these things could talk…there is SO MUCH bacteria on these, and it touching your skin produces zits, among other things.
    • Every week maybe two, you need to be submerging yours in a 50/50 vinegar/water situation, and hanging it up to dry.
    • Replace these regularly.  A good rule I go by for loofahs is when they’re loose looking, while sponges end up just looking sad at the end of their life.

Bath toys

  • If you have kids, you probably have toys!  If you were to cut one of these guys in half, you would see some surprises.  Stagnant water lives here, so….mold.
    • Once a week I put mine in straight up vinegar, making them suck up some, and swishing it around.  Then rinse them VERY thoroughly, my daughter’s ends up in a dish soap bath, flushed out several times.  You could also use vinegar, if you have it out for the other places aforementioned.  I use bleach every so often probably just for my own piece of mind.
    • If you get these toys new, add a spot of hot glue to the hole, especially if it’s a hole at the bottom that isn’t the whole point of the toy.  A friend bought my daughter toys where the hole is on their mouths, so it’s like they’re blowing water out of their mouths.  You have no idea how much I wish it weren’t so, and that she didn’t love them as much as she does!

Under bathroom sink

  • Check this area out once in awhile, sooner rather than later.  If you’re like me, this place is a catch all, especially when company is coming…
    • Unload the space, take inventory, throw anything away that needs to be and put anything away that doesn’t belong!  Wipe the bottom out and the sink pipe, and nicely throw the stuff that belongs there back in.

Light fixtures

  • These get SO dusty SO quick.  Wet dust, in fact.  Mine above my vanity is always a culprit.  Like mine at times, yours might come complete with hair, spiderwebs, hairspray…
    • Before you start regularly cleaning your bathroom, once in awhile first hit up your light fixtures.  Hopefully, giving a quick wipe down should do the trick.  I actually unscrew my vanity light fixtures on occasion and give them a soapy bath.  Wipe off the top of your vanity mirror while you’re up there, if you have one.

Toothbrush and holder

  • Imagine what your toothbrush holds.  Or maybe don’t.  Add that it sleeps pretty close to your toilet…
    • Make sure to rinse it really well after every use.  Periodically, you can dunk it in vinegar for a half hour to kill bacteria and rinse it (especially after you recover from being sick).  Replace it every 3-4 months.

Under shower mats

  • I know several people who simply don’t lift up their shower mats and clean under them.  Again with the pink stuff folks.
    • You can actually add yours in with the shower curtain scenario listed above!  Easy peasy!  Obviously, clean the area it hangs out on in the tub also.

Contact lens case

  • If bacteria gets in your eyes, you have yourself an infection.
    • Rinse yours out with fresh solution, not water, every time.  It should be replaced every three months.  I write the date I unpackage mine in sharpie on the bottom.

Soap dish

  • If you have a soap dish, it can be an eyesore that’s actually super easy to clean.
    • Just periodically soak it in water and rinse the soap out and replace the soap bar.


  • Between moisture drips, hairspray, perfume, and who knows what else, it’s great practice to wash your walls at least once a year to keep it fresh looking.
    • Simply take a bucket of warm soapy water and wash.  Do not scrub, or you will be losing paint.  Also, you should have a semi-gloss paint in your bathroom, because of the constant moisture.

Floor behind toilet

  • Yeah…I see so many homes that don’t care about this space.  Dust, hair, spiders, garbage, splatter of unknown origin, toilet sweat…
    • For your sanity, I recommend using a vacuum hose to get the worst of it out of there without touching it.  Then, clean the floor, wall, and back of the toilet pedestal with your choice cleaner-warm soapy water works great.

Tackle the toilet ring/Toilet rim

  • I know, super gross to even think about touching.  If it helps, that’s clean water in the bowl (if you’ve flushed it…).  If it isn’t flushing properly, cleaning the rim will often fix the problem.  The whole deal isn’t very hard, it just takes a little elbow grease.
    • To finally tackle that ring, use super fine sandpaper (I use 300 or 400 grit) and lightly sand the ring away.  All it is is mineral deposits.  Your toilet will look beautiful!
    • For under the rim (yeah, I know, bear with me) take the same grit of sandpaper and lightly scrub all the way around the rim.  You will have to replace the sandpaper multiple times… I suggest cutting small lengths of sandpaper and throwing them away when they are no longer scrubbing.  You are just getting the hard water and mineral deposits off.  If your toilet isn’t filling properly, take a mirror and check to see if any of the holes have deposits in them.  I break off a skewer and poke the holes to dislodge the buildup.  Remember, it’s clean water flowing through them.  Keep that as your mantra.

Toilet brush

  • I know, I know.  I’m being a total jerk.  But really, please wipe out it’s container often, for the dust at least.  Also, you shouldn’t be putting it in said container while it’s wet.  Personally, I totally forget about this too, and I’m trying to make a greater effort!  It doesn’t have to be cleaned every time, but it should be dried before housing it again.
    • To dry, just put the handle between the rim and seat and close the cover.  The brush should be sitting in the bowl, suspended in air.
    • To clean, rinse as the toilet is flushing, and spray with anything antibacterial you wish.  50/50 vinegar/water, Lysol, Pinesol, 50/50 water/bleach, etc, and allow to sit for a few minutes, rinse in the bowl, and allow to dry.


  • Last and probably the grossest and most forgotten thing in your bathroom!
    • After EVERY use, rinse in a clean toilet bowl, and spray with the disinfectant spray of your choice, like the toilet brush.
    • I set ours in an old gallon ice cream bucket…not super pretty, but it keeps it off the floor and it’s easier to move when washing the floor or to disinfect, and it actually lives in the laundryroom.

There you have it – a VERY clean bathroom fit for any company! 😀

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What are your thoughts?  Is there an area I didn’t list?  Did you clean and find surprises?  Was something not as hard as you thought it might be, or was it harder than you thought?

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  1. Ashley, You made a pretty comprehensive list here! There are so many things to clean in the bathroom and I have to admit that I never thought about cleaning my make-up. Thanks for all the reminders of what we are missing. Sometimes you think you are being thorough but in reality we are missing so much.

    1. Thanks Lilian! I’m glad(?) you got something out of it! I used to have a housecleaning business, and it was crazy how many easy things went overlooked in our day to day. Thanks for stopping by!

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