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If I could take a guess, it would be that you’re drowning, trying to take care of everything your family needs.  You often look back on your day knowing you did quite a few things, but that overall nothing got completely done.  Am I close?

What if I could tell you how to fix it, even if you’re not the organized type?  Even if you can’t hold yourself on a schedule?  Or, even if you can’t do structure.  And especially if you are burnt out and have little babies to chase all day.  Because…that’s why I started doing it this way!

I’ve got you!

So here’s the answer: theme your week.

Stick with me here.  This whole process if VERY forgiving and organic.

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Group the daily things you do with the projects you also want to get done, and come up with several themes.  For instance, here’s my current “themes”.

  • Home improvement – for me, this includes deep cleaning, maintenance, wall painting, and slowly taking care of boxes still hanging around from moving in July.
  • Home planning – this includes bill paying, meal planning, bullet journaling, appointment making, and grocery shopping and freezer meal prep.
  • Etsy shop/craft show inventory – the scope of this is everything from creating inventory to networking and getting the word out about this part of my life.
  • Blog – I like to occasionally spend time writing rough drafts of several posts, so on the weeks I am short on time I can just proofread, publish, and promote.  The writing and research portions are finished, and this keeps my sanity in the weeks I’m drowning so I don’t have “another duty to do.”  I like to always write on something I feel passionate about and are actually going through, and not out of a need to fill space.  This would also include spending time promoting previous posts on social media, updating previous posts, networking, etc.

In addition, you can theme certain days to recur every week.  For instance, on Saturdays I try to get as much in daily cleaning tasks as I can, like laundry, floors, etc.  The things that keep your family moving from week to week, try to theme a day or two to keep yourself on track.

Here’s the theory behind my madness: by giving each week a theme, you will not be nearly as stressed out to “get it all done today”.  Because…if I’m able to get one or two tasks done during the day of watching the little, that’s an incredible feat on any given day.  However, by theme-ing a week, you also have a focus…instead of spending fifteen free minutes on Facebook, I remember my theme, look at that wishlist, and do something quick.  You have the whole week to do it, and you’ll get that theme again soon in the rotation!

Also, I don’t worry about a certain rotation, although you can if you’d like.  I’ve had a huge wishlist in my “home improvement” pile for quite some time, so I’ve actually done that theme for two consecutive weeks before mixing it up with a different theme.  I also mix them up, depending on what needs are more pressing in my family at the time.  If someone is volunteering their time to help me paint walls suddenly, I might decide to have that whole week be home improvement week, instead of Etsy week, so I don’t have to bounce back and forth and feel spread so thin.  Likewise, if I just spent a week on my home planning theme and made a large stack of freezer meals, but then gave half of them to a sick friend a week later, I might decide to have another home planning week so I can put more meals together, saving me stress later in trying to figure out what’s for dinner when I’m short on time.

You can have as many categories as you’d like, although it might take longer for some to come around again if you have a lot.  The point is to be able to have large main ideas that you can fill a week with goals having to do with the main point, and that you get to work on these goals fairly often, keeping things fresh.  I would recommend no more than five…remember to keep them BIG ideas and completely different from each other.

By doing it this way, hopefully you will feel less stressed out and a little more organized.  For me, it makes things easier having to “just” think about a much smaller task wishlist, instead of having to constantly DO ALL THE THINGS.

Your turn – do you think this is a practical way to be productive without feeling burnt out?  Have you tried giving your weeks an overall theme?

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