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Ok, disclaimer time…I don’t buy much for O these days because of our super tight budget.  However, she just had her first birthday, and random people have just been very generous!  I wanted to put a quick list together of the things that have totally saved my sanity and I would buy myself over and over again, especially now that she’s starting to be on the move!  This is also my future go-to list for proven things to get friends for their baby showers and first year parties.  It’s tough to win me over on gadgets, but here are things we use every day that make our day much easier.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup – I actually bought these off of a recommendation from another mama, and these are THE best thing.  When I was looking for a cup for O, I didn’t want to just give her another nipple-type cup, I wanted to somehow progress her to a regular cup, without spilling.  Enter, this gem.  It took her a couple days to get the hang of using it, but she’s long been a pro.  BPA-free and the perfect size for toddler hands, I’d love to pick up another pack.  I’ve seen some reviews stating that mold happens…know that the silicon top easily pops off for easy cleaning under the lid, and pops right back on again!  I do wish they came in other colors, but the blue and green are just fine!

Summer Infant Pop n Play Portable Playard – Parents, this will save your sanity, no lie.  Expecting to have to assemble this, we basically just pulled it out of the box it was shipped in and it was ready to go!  It’s big enough that she has room to play, it keeps her toys AND her contained, keeps the dog at bay, and it’s VERY easy to move around and collapse.  It usually lives in our livingroom, but if I’m going to be outside for longer than a few minutes, I quickly collapse it and bring it out on the lawn.  Add a fitted sheet over it and you effortlessly keep the bugs away as well!  Seriously, so simple, and worth every penny of the investment.

Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat – At the time that I bought this, we lived in an 806sqft house, so you can imagine our dining area.  I knew we couldn’t fit a full-on high chair in that space, and this was the answer.  It’s simple, it does the trick, it easily comes apart and clean, and she’s still using it with plenty of room to grow at 13mos.  When she first started eating solids, I did roll a blanket and put it behind her back in order to prop her up, since she wasn’t sitting on her own when she started sitting at the table.  I’m all about simplicity and saving space!

Baby Deedee Sleep Nest – I live in Minnesota with a toddler who still hasn’t figured out the point of keeping a blanket on.  She used to sleep with them back when she didn’t move much (last winter), but after the summer, all is forgotten.  We lower our heat during the night to save on the bill, and I got tired of finding a cold kid in the morning.  Enter, the Baby Deedee.  She slept in sleepsacks when she was a baby last winter, and I loved how easy they were, while we could still put other clothes on her under the sleepsack…so, I was looking for something similar in toddler size, and surprisingly this is one of the only options out there!  It comes in many colors though, so that’s awesome.  If you’re headed into colder months with me, this is the best “blanket” I have ever found. 😉

Silicon Teething Necklace – These things can be so expensive!  So imagine my delight when I found one that was reasonably priced.  Yeah, it was amazing, I assure you.  BPA free even!  These are great for you to wear, because your baby can chew and hold onto it, and you won’t freak out.  Plus, it actually helps their sore little gums.  They can also help break the finger sucking habit, by giving them something else to use as a comfort (we are a work in progress on that one).  It comes in five different colors, but I grabbed the black option because I can pair it with so many clothes, making it pretty versatile and stealthy!

Your turn!  Is there any toddler items you use that save YOUR day, or something your toddler loves?  Share with us, so we know where the awesome gifts are!

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