I promise, you will never really see anything political on this blog.  Actually, I was going to write this on a totally different issue originally, but then someone we know brought it up, accusingly.

I do not believe that either political party is the “Christian” vote.

You heard me.

Both Republicans and Democrats have really great things they are for, and rather outdated things they are against.  I am very tired of hearing, “if you’re a Christian, you vote Republican.”

Screw that noise.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that, folks.  And pretty sure Jesus was a radical, and didn’t fit in any tidy assumptive boxes.

This is ESPECIALLY true in this year’s election.  What a nightmare.  If you’re a Christian, you automatically vote Republican, huh?  To preserve family values and our bottom line, right?

Our Republican candidate has had five children by three different women, and two divorces.  He declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy on several casino and hotel businesses four times.  He was quoted to say, “I’ve used the laws of this country to pare debt. … We’ll have the company. We’ll throw it into a chapter. We’ll negotiate with the banks. We’ll make a fantastic deal. You know, it’s like on The Apprentice. It’s not personal. It’s just business” on ABC News.  That sounds consistent with his current problem of everyone finding out that he doesn’t pay taxes…at all, and he was quoted saying that that made him smart.  No, Mr Trump…that makes you a burden on the lower class and disappearing middle class of this country.  He is a misogynistic racial radical that cons not only people, but other businesses and our Nation.  Our country was built on the back of immigrants, and they continue to be a huge reason our country is even held together commercially in the first place.  If he’s to build a wall, he should probably start with himself, as I’m guessing his lineage hails from western Europe, and his wife, an immigrant.  I have several friends of varied ethnic origin actually terrified of this man and what he will do to them if he is elected…that’s not ok, and it’s not Christian.

I’m sorry, but where are family values in that?  Being a Christian, if there’s supposed to be a Christian vote, I’m waiting for him to act at all Christian, ever…if you’re led by the Holy Spirit, aren’t you supposed to have some sort of morality?  I have yet to see it.  Not to mention the way he flip-flops about nearly everything anyway.

He is pro-life, which is typically the catalyst for the Christian vote.  As a wife of an adoptee, that holds huge sway over our family.  However, he doesn’t really seem to talk about it, and when he does, he flip flops on who should be punished if it’s banned, which is unnerving.  There are several traditionally Christian views he upholds, like being pro-life…but I just cannot get past his proven behavior.  There is nothing Christian about it.  Plus, he rambles like a middle schooler trying to answer an essay and ending it with “Am I right?”  Yikes dude.  Read his stances yourself here

On the other side, we have Clinton.  Hoorayyyyy, a female, with experience!  Not so fast.  She has her hands in every major corporation here and abroad…corporations that, again, place their burden on the backs of the lower and disappearing middle class.  She has had more controversies centered around her over the years than really anyone else we have ever heard of.  The email controversy a year and a half ago sent us all reeling and condemning her to the jailhouse, not to mention Benghazi.  She supports same-sex marriage, which especially recently, has been the primary catalyst for “the Christian vote” to not be Democratic, especially when you add to it the typically Democratic stance on pro-choice.  Like Trump, she is also a flip-flopper and hazy on comments, although admittedly, it doesn’t look like as much when compared.  Read more about her stances yourself here.

She supports education in all fronts, and supporting families with paid leave for twelve weeks, which I wish was a bigger deal in Christian circles.  Typically, Democrats are thought to work in the areas of the disadvantaged, poor, and elderly (to some Conservative’s frustration with the country’s bottom line and commercialistic greed) that is usually seen as Christian causes.  But at what cost, when she can’t be trusted because of her own shady behavior spanning an entire career?

My final thought?  Especially this election season, neither candidate is the “Christian” vote.  They should both be in prison.  Personally, I believe there is no such thing as the Christian vote.  Both parties have Christian values, and both do not.  In our history, both parties have had their fair share of shutter-worthy activities, as well as incredible triumphs, and ZERO Presidents were loved by all or got much of anything they promised on their campaign platform done.  I don’t understand why one party is, by golden standard, considered to be the Christian choice, while the other is left out in the cold.  Is not caring for the disadvantaged, poor, ill, elderly, children, etc not advocated by Christ Himself over and over again?  Why is this fact seemingly forgotten by the wide majority of Christians come any given election season?  Christ did not have a political affiliation in our government, and I think we forget this!  This will be my fourth time voting in a Presidential election, and I am utterly disgusted by the behavior of our candidates.  I really wish we could demand a re-do, and start over, or at least have a third, perhaps even, a fourth option allowed.  And I really REALLY wish that campaign funds couldn’t come from corporations with their own agendas…it kind of takes the point out of the People’s choice, don’t you think?  But that’s another whole thing entirely.

If you are as annoyed and lost as I am, PLEASE look at who is running for for our Congress in your area-it is a HUGE amount this year, a whopping 88%!!  (Check out this resource for more on that.)  Make sure you aren’t just marking some random person like usual on your ballot for these positions…actually take a look at their platforms, and choose according to your convictions, not according to party lines.  By design, Congress is who actually has power in our government, and by just arbitrarily marking a random name on your ballot is a huge part of the problem of the current state of our nation.  Our President is primarily just a face, while Congress members are paid to pass our laws and ratify choices.  What kind of laws are your Senate and House representatives voting or not voting for?  THAT’s where the real power in this election will be.  Here’s a good resource that even has lovely graphs to check out.  While you’re at it, take a look at any local position to you that are being elected, like the town mayor, city board members, county judge, state representatives…a lot of them end up continually moving up the political ladder, and you find them some day running for a Federal spot.  Make sure that we’re giving that chance to worthy people.  This is NOT a reality show, this is the future history books for the kids of this nation, and what the world learns from.  Make It Count.

If you are looking for more writing prompts, check out my October Writing Challenge!  If you’re looking for a fun way to capture October, check out my October Instagram Challenge!  Please feel free to link me to them so I can see what October looks like through YOU!
What do you think about this year’s Presidential election?  Of the “Christian vote”?

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2 thoughts on “October Writing Challenge #4: A Controversial View You Have – 2016 Election, the Christian Choice, and How to Fix the Whole Mess

  1. YES to all of this^!!

    Interesting that the Republicans are still hiding behind religion. Even before Trump, most of their comments and views were un-Christian like. They cherry pick parts of the scriptures to fit their agendas and ignore anything that doesn’t fit into them. Donald Trump is…well, I’m not sure how this has happened. I think the rise in terrorism has led to this increasing wave of hate, but what people don’t seem to realise is that hating people won’t solve the problem. It is sad to see the US, and the UK to an extent, fall into this bizarre rabbit hole where selfishness is lauded. Where people are slapping each other on the backs for wanting to live in a world where everyone is the same colour as they are, and to hell with everyone else. It’s pretty disgusting for Americans in general to blame immigrants for the problems faced in the employment sectors when their Republican candidates are openly proud of not contributing to society. It’s smart for Donald to dodge taxes, but God forbid that an immigrant be allowed to work and earn money honestly — and even then, how many of these immigrants are treated poorly and not even well compensated for what they do? Yet, supposedly they’re taking jobs away from hard working Americans. No, that’s done by people like Trump who outsource projects to places overseas. The hypocrisy and ignorance is honestly appalling.

    *deep breath*, LOL.

    Great post!! The fact that it could be considered controversial says a lot about the world we live in today.

    1. Thanks supernaturalsnark! I especially agree on your point that Trump is heralded for evading taxes, while we’re supposed to be skeptical of immigrants doing honest work to feed their families. What the…
      Anyway, thanks for your input! This is a SUPER polarized topic right now, it’s nuts!

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