After October was two days underway, I suddenly decided I wanted to challenge myself to actually write every day this month.  With raising my family, writing tends to get pushed…I’m sure that sounds familiar to some!

I went onto Pinterest, and other than these seemingly being so three years ago, the ones I was coming across had fairly shallow prompts.  I wanted a challenge that got me thinking, and would get my readers thinking when they read my answer.

Writing from the prompts don’t have to produce a huge elaborate post…I designed a few of them to hopefully be a short burst for you!  Several of these also coincide with my Instagram challenge found here.  That way, you can even use some of the same photos!  Handy, right?

And if you follow GrowingSpangs on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or the blog itself this month, I will be sure to follow you back!

Please pick a prompt and write a condensed version in the comments.  Feel free to link me to your posts or photos, I would LOVE to see what October looks like for you!

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