So yesterday, I got a wacky idea that I should do an Instagram challenge…already in day 2 of October, because I’m that smooth.

I’m really bad at taking photos.  And I can’t ever seem to remember that taking photos of anything other than people is a totally fine habit to have.  So, I thought doing a challenge might help me to fix that bad habit (lack of habit).

So, I went onto Pinterest to see if I could find a good one, even if they were so 3 years ago.

Literally everything I saw seemed to have been made by a girl in their early 20’s, about non-versatile things, and I often thought, pretty shallow.  If I found one more challenge that included “what’s in your bag?” or “your favorite physical feature”, I was going to quit while I was ahead.  I’m a 30-year old mother and wife…I needed something more practical…more…grown up and family-oriented, if you know what I mean.  Plus, when I looked for specifically October-based challenges, they weren’t very…Octobery.  I wanted something a little festive, not just some random photos like every other time of year.

Maybe it’s because I live in Minnesota where orange, burnt red, hoodies, and bonfires is something we wait all year for.

Autumn is my favorite.

I decided I needed to make my own.

So join me.  Catch up on day 4 and pretend you were with it the whole time like some other people (ahem), or pick several and make your own mini October challenge.  I would love to see what October looks like where you are!

And throughout this month, if you follow GrowingSpangs on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or the blog itself, I will make sure I follow you back!

What does October look like where you are?  Do you have a favorite thing about this season?

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