Well, without further ado, let’s kick this thing off!

  1. I drink coffee any way it comes, from black to gourmet.  If I had to pick a favorite way, I would probably just take a shot of cream.
  2. I have never been much of a writer, but always had ideas in my head saved for “when I started writing”.  Sometimes, you just have to pull the trigger on your own reservations!
  3. I would love to learn to play the cello, as well as be able to do calligraphy.
  4. I hold severe grudges and quickly judge…but when my stewing time is over, it ends abruptly and forgiveness and moving on is the easiest thing for me to do.
  5. I would love to own an art and craft consignment store someday, just so I can always see other’s creativity around me.
  6. I am an insomniac, which intensified after having our daughter.  About once a week, I take a sleeping pill to catch up.  Otherwise, I (usually happily) survive on an hour or two of sleep a day.
  7. I would love to be entirely self-sufficient on just our quarter acre someday, or locally sourced from other families as in the case of livestock.  You know, like the “olden” days.
  8. I do not like receiving gifts, at all.  I would rather spend time with you.
  9. I struggle with motherhood.  I do not like kids and I’m not the doting mom type.  Literally, anyone outside of prison or an institution would likely do a better job and be more outwardly loving.  Truly, it’s only by God’s grace that I somehow remain a stay at home mother and don’t burst into tears on a consistent basis.
  10. I love to read nonfiction, and anything historical based, as well as gripping dragon-slaying fantasy.  I often feel guilty that I don’t read for fun enough.
  11. I am very cynical and sarcastic.  I don’t read social cues very well, and people often are left wondering if I was joking or not.  I am sure I have hurt people because I don’t understand social cues.
  12. I can cook or bake anything, except chocolate chip cookies.  They burn every time.
  13. I have 9 tattoos planned, but we have never been ahead enough for me to justify starting them.  I am a blank canvas.
  14. Purple or blue hair makes me feel beautiful.
  15. I have a form of synesthesia, where I attribute personalities and genders to numbers.  For example, the number three to me is an elementary school boy who gets into trouble constantly; whereas, the number four is a middle aged single woman who loves to read.  When I see or hear a number, I automatically know what personality they have, and sometimes (especially with lower numbers) what their life is like.  Overall, I don’t like odd numbers…many numbers that are even I think shouldn’t be even…like the number six, because it’s made up of three’s.  Yeah, wacko over here.  And to answer your question no, I am not a fan of math.

Your turn!

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October Writing Challenge! Follow GrowingSpangs on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, and they will follow you back in October 2016!

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