Hello lovelies!  Time for our October challenge!

If you are anything like me, you are constantly trying and usually failing at making a multitude of positive nutrition choices.  You know, the “starting tomorrow, I’m going to make these five changes in my routine, I HAVE to do it this time…!”  I know we all have those statements.

This month, pick ONE.

Wait…just one?


And don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t awesome at keeping that goal.  It’s not going to break you, just pick up the next day!  That’s the catch…change ONE thing, and beating yourself up about it is unacceptable.

Hypothetically, pick something you could keep up through the holidays.  This way, you have a triumph you can claim while you eat piles of delicious mashed potatoes and gravy and all the cookies you’re hiding from your kids. 😀

Personally, I have my wellness goals…stretch more, actually do some yoga, cook with natural ingredients every time, meal plan, get a month worth of freezer meals done, do some sort of cleanse…

I decided in the month of October, before all of the holiday treats start flying, I am going to finally get a habit of drinking water down.  Did you know that if you drink half of your body weight in ounces each day, most people lose about ten pounds by the end of the week from all of the toxins, salt, and extra junk in our bloodstream finally getting an eviction notice?  I’m always so busy, I forget to drink anything most of the day…I need to get more intentional!

The purpose of this is two-fold.

First, by only focusing on one thing, it’s only one thing to worry about.  Not a list of changes, just one.  Additionally, if you mess up, you only messed up one thing, not the change-all list…much easier to get back on that swing after a scraped knee, instead of a broken leg, I’d say.

Second, it takes 21 days to make a habit.  So hypothetically, by the end of the month, the task you challenged yourself with won’t be a challenge anymore!  Just in time for the holidays, nice job!
What wellness task are you challenging yourself with this month?

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