Alright!  Use it or lose it ladies!!

I don’t know about you, but my bathroom is chock full of stuff I don’t use or have never used.  Think “Christmas gift lotions and potions” that you’ve received.  Why do you still have these?  Or, why did you just go out and buy new perfume when you have 20 others hanging out?  Do you have several boxes of bandaids/cotton balls/etc?  Put them together to be a little more organized and space-conscious!  

I challenge you to use it or lose it in your bathroom this month.

Someone else could easily use these things.  If you have unopened gifts, you could always hand them to someone else you know would love that scent.  Do you know a teen who would LOVE a new nail polish color to work with?

Another hot tip: even half used containers of shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, shaving cream, foot powder, razors, candles, hotel samples, etc can be donated to several organizations that serve the homeless and poor.  They end up pouring them into smaller containers (such as the ones from hotels) and giving them to others who cannot get these items themselves.  Why have it stealing your space, when you can bless several others with it?!  I really do not like throwing perfectly good things away, so this is a great alternative!  Organizations such as these also often take other items that thrifts stores won’t, such as practical and decorative household items, rags, gently used undergarments and socks, and so much more.  For example, Joseph’s Coat in Saint Paul is this kind of organization.  Simply search for “hygiene donation for homeless” in your area.  Read their wishlists, make sure they accept gently used items (some will only take new items), or just simply call and ask.  Bless people – in 2015, Wilder Research found 9,312 homeless in the Twin Cities area, as well as about 14,000 statewide experience homelessness on any given night.  ( )

Anyway, back to the challenge.

If you happen to be someone who already has a beautifully organized bathroom, pick another area of your home that could stand to see the Use It or Lose It Challenge.  Simultaneously with the bathroom challenge, I will be working on my tea and coffee stash.  I’ve been really bored with what I have, but again, I can’t stand to throw anything useable away, so it just sits there.  This month, I will be intentional about finishing out these boxes and bags, and as a reward, I will purchase myself just TWO new teas and one kind of coffee.  Friends know I drink them, so I often get them as gifts-thus, the current hodge-podge state of my stash.  I have to streamline that, for my sanity.

However, if you are a person that has absolutely no area you can go into to “use it or lose it”, then please comment below your secrets.
Otherwise, comment if you are focusing on your bathroom with me, or if you’ve chosen a different area.  What is your gameplan?  I’d love to know that I’m not the only one who is drowning in eyeshadow I bought for Halloween two years ago and 18 half-used “seasonal” scent candles under the sink.  Ok, maybe it’s not 18.  Actually…well, nevermind, let’s just USE IT OR LOSE IT!!!

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